Understanding 25% uplift fees

Many costs agreements have a 25% uplift fee. 

We do not charge uplift fees.

The uplift fees mean 25% is added onto the total of the Professional Costs. You pay this amount.

Lawyers commonly justify the fees in two ways

  1. because  they are doing your case no win no fee
  2. that the case is risky or complex

There are circumstances where this is true and justified. There are some types of cases that are very complex. In our experience Aviation( plane and helicopter accidents) accidents are one example. Medical negligence cases can also be very complex and the arrangement maybe appropriate.

It would be very rare for any TAC case to justify an uplift fee. We do not think it should apply in any TAC case because they are not complex and rarely are they risky. Many TAC cases are certain to produce compensation.

Worksafe cases involve a very clear step by step process. It starts with a Serious Injury application followed by a settlement process( if Serious Injury is granted). A high percentage of cases resolve through this process. We do not think you should pay an uplift fee if it settles before reaching the court system.

You should also understand what work is performed by your Lawyer. We know your case and prepare all the documents. In most cases we are presenting your case at the settlement conference. Some firms use Barristers to prepare documents and present your case. The Barristers are therefore doing the key work. Your Lawyer fees should be much lower. (It is important to note that Barristers hold no more qualifications than your lawyer). Question why a 25% applies if a Barrister is doing the key work.