We are different to most other firms. We want to deliver maximum compensation to you, not only with a great result but also with reasonable legal fees.

How are we different?

We do not charge an uplift fee. We do not take a percentage of the settlement.

Lawyers can charge a 25% uplift on the legal costs. We do not do this.

Many firms promise to cap or limit their fees to 15% of the compensation. It may even be in your fee agreement. In many cases we think this is far too much. It is certainly too much when your case does not even involve legal proceedings.

TAC Common Law Cases

TAC Common Law cases settle on average for more than $200,000. More than 80% of TAC  Common Law cases settle before there are any legal proceedings.

Paying 15% of your settlement money to your lawyer is far too much when there are no legal proceedings. TAC pay a substantial and fair amount toward the legal costs.

The best way to understand legal costs is to share real stories.

Case Number 1

70 year old severely injured as a passenger. No argument about serious injury or negligence. Settlement for $250,000 for pain and suffereing only. TAC pay $21,000 in legal costs as part of the settlement. We accept that sum. What TAC has paid is fair and reasonably covers all the legal costs.

Case Number 2

50 year old man injured as a driver but not at fault. Case has multiple issues including serious injury and loss of income. Complex medical history and previous claims. Settlement of $500,000. TAC pay $24620 towards the legal costs. Client paid $11680 in costs. This legal bill reflects the complexity of the case.

Case number 2 shows that even in a big complex case the client is contributing an amount less than 3%of the settlement.

Not all TAC cases are the same but some are more straightforward and the costs should be lower in those cases.

In many TAC Common Law cases there is no risk of losing so NO WIN NO FEE arrangements are nonsense. You will win! Do not let a Lawyer add 25% to his legal bill for this reason.

TAC Disputes and Impairment

In TAC cases we do not charge you for resolving a dispute or obtaining an impairment benefit. We accept the costs paid by TAC as full payment. These costs are fair. The TAC pay fair costs to ensure that the injured person gets the maximum benefit. Delivering the best result is delivering the maximum benefit to you.

Please be aware that some Law Firms do not participate in the TAC Protocol Dispute resolution process or the Impairment Protocols. If that is your Lawyer you could be paying unnecessary legal fees. Results are no better by avoiding the protocols.

We welcome the opportunity to give you an estimate of costs to complete your claim. We believe we lead the market in fairness.

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