Legal costs and the TAC

Did you know that the TAC offer alternative dispute resolution under the TAC protocols?  If your lawyer successfully resolves the dispute with the TAC, legal costs are recoverable from the TAC.

The costs paid by the TAC are very fair.  Our firm has a policy of not asking the client to contribute to legal costs in dispute resolution matters.  We accept what TAC pays as full payment.

The TAC pay an Impairment Benefit when an injured person has a permanent injury(assessed at more than 10% of the whole body). A Lawyer can help with this process. The TAC contribute to the Lawyer legal costs for providing that assistance under the TAC Protocols.

The costs paid by the TAC are significant and many instances should cover the full amount meaning no contribution from the client.

The things you need to check!

Is your Lawyer using the protocols? If they are not TAC do not pay costs and you pay all the costs.

Is your Lawyer charging you something in addition to what TAC is paying?  We usually do not charge an additional amount. Think carefully whether the legal costs are reasonable.

It is important to know that just because TAC is paying a significant benefit does not mean more costs should be paid.