Transport Accidents

Transport Accidents are managed by the TAC. The TAC will pay medical expenses and in some cases loss of income and an impairment benefit.

If someone contributed to or caused your accident you may also receive Common Law Compensation for pain and suffering and loss of income.

We can represent you in your Common Law Claim. We can help resolve any disputes with the TAC. We can help lodge your TAC claim and give you advice about TAC entitlements.

We have successfully represented hundreds of motorcyclists. We understanding the injuries that come with motorbike accidents. Our experience makes us an industry leader in winning these cases.

We have a special expertise in completing claims for children. In recent years we have settled a number of cases for in excess of $1 million claims for children. Our support does not stop there. We pride ourselves on helping helping clients 20 years after the accident. For the catastrophically injured the relationship with TAC is life long.

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