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An accident is a life changing event. With 30 years’ experience, Tim Connor and his team can help guide you through the challenges, ensuring that you receive support from TAC and WorkSafe.

We can help get you the compensation you deserve. Our expertise means an excellent outcome.

Don’t let the compensation be eaten up by legal fees. We do not charge the 25% uplift fee. We do not charge you for helping with TAC impairment claims or resolving TAC disputes.



TAC and Loss of Earning Capacity

TAC and the issue of Loss of Earning Capacity The Issue- TAC failing to pay Loss of Earning Capacity Benefits The TAC have a number of rules for a person to qualify for loss of earnings( the income [...]

Understanding no win no fee arrangements

Understanding no win no fee arrangements The first thing to be aware of is that this is not some special deal in injury cases. The large majority of lawyers will work on this arrangement if it is an [...]

Understanding 25% uplift fees

Understanding 25% uplift fees Many costs agreements have a 25% uplift fee.  We do not charge uplift fees. The uplift fees mean 25% is added onto the total of the Professional Costs. You pay this amount. Lawyers commonly [...]

Legal costs and the TAC

Legal costs and the TAC Did you know that the TAC offer alternative dispute resolution under the TAC protocols?  If your lawyer successfully resolves the dispute with the TAC, legal costs are recoverable from the TAC. The costs [...]

TAC helping cyclists

TAC helping cyclists In the past cyclists were not covered by the TAC when injured as a result of a collision with a parked motor vehicle. New laws have now been introduced to give cyclists the same protection that [...]

Understanding capped costs

Understanding capped costs Lawyers are now promising to cap your contribution to costs at 10% or 15% of the settlement sum. This means that if you receive $300,000 they take up to $30,000 to $45,000 in legal costs. [...]

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